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  • Tell me about delivery?

    The cost of delivery is dependent on volume and distance. Please contact us for delivery pricing and options.

  • Do you deliver?

    Of course we deliver. We offer delivery in a variety of volumes to accommodate your needs. The minimum load size we charge for delivery is 10 cubic yards of soil and 8 cubic yards of bark mulch. If you need a smaller load we would be pleased to help get you in contact with one of our suppliers.


  • How deep?

    It always depends on what you are doing, but in general, a minimum of 3 inches of product (top soil, bark mulch, bark chunks) is a good start, but it depends upon what you are covering. If you have any questions, please contact our staff for great advice.

  • How much does 1 yard of material cover?

    One cubic yard of material will cover approximately a 10’ X 10” area 3” deep. Feel free to use our online calculator or call us 604-465-5193 to help you determine how much of a specific product you may need.


  • Can I load my own Materials?

    Unfortunately, our site is commercial reload only, we cannot accommodate smaller retail customers. For the safety of our customers and staff, we do delivery only.